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Whiskeyjack History

At Whiskeyjack, we have been very blessed by the generosity of the Kennels of Colletta, Prairiepine, Uneeda, Cardross and Celticmoon Collies both in the bloodlines and their knowledge. Their hard work is woven throughout the pedigrees of Whiskeyjack leading to the Collies we have at Whiskeyjack today.

Over the years, we have received much in the way of support and wisdom of many breeders. The generosity of time which we have been the grateful recipient many times is firmly etched in my memory of this particular day: we were on a family vacation, far from home and had not seen a collie for 21 days, and we saw a sign on the road indicating Collies resided there. We knocked on the door, and an older couple invited us in, to meet their collies, and of course to see “THE COLLIE ROOM”, adorned with framed collie prints, ribbons, rosettes, and books, as only a true collie fancier can understand! That’s Collie folks for you!

Our thanks to all of you!


Click on the image to start the tour.

Click on the image to start the tour.

Old Site

You can visit the original version of this site at: whiskeyjackcollies.ca/old-site